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Faith Based Treatments for Alcoholism

04 Dec

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common behavioral problems you will hear among Americans. This has been so for a decades and centuries now and many types of treatment and management methods have also been instituted for this. From medications, to rehabilitation, they have all been tried and tested. But there is one specific […]

From Self Help to Gods Help

03 Dec

Addiction to alcohol and many other substances are only really helped by having a reason not to drink or take the drugs anymore. For some people, an event in their lives that helps them realize their mistake is a good catalyst to stopping. Unfortunately, there are also those that cannot easily get off no matter […]

Faith Based Rehabilitation and Guidance

21 Oct

Alcohol addiction and other substance abusers who have acknowledged that they have problems and need help almost always go into a rehab facility. For those who don’t know, these facilities are not simply places where you are given medications to suppress the urge to drink or to take in drugs, but these facilities also cater […]